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aprico Oscar: Printing on Demand Leadership Award 1994

aprico24 web solutions, fashion advice and events

Career and reputation

Selling and moving out of my beloved Finca d'Or and moving into an apartment right by the sea.

Re-design of my website aprico24 including installation of an application for homeowners as well as assistance in the development of websites with AI support for good friends and acquaintances.

2017, 2018, 2019, (2020 unfortunately canceled) and 2022 and 2023
Complete Organization of fashion shows, including styling of the models and participating pop stars, music selection, background slide show, moderation texts, etc. as well as presentations in front of around 1,500 guests at the Hotel Iberostar Club Cala Barca on the occasion of the hit trip with up to 40 artists that takes place there annually in the first week of May (Proceeds benefit Mallorca Animal Rescue).

2019 - 2021
Development of oneQR code application, with which guests of restaurants and bars can connect with the help of a smartphone during the pandemicguest listcan enter. The project was then taken over by the government and stopped before it was implemented.

And of course creating onePrivate websites with database connection and online shop, with chat and modified view as an app as well as various suggestion pages.

Examination of market opportunities for a 10-point marketing concept for the fashion scene in Santanyí.

2012 - 2018
Assistance in developing database-based websites for good friends and acquaintances.

Relocation to Mallorca.

2011  -  2012
Foundation of aprico24 Websolutions and development of a
  Internet platform for fashion wholesalers  in Frankfurt.
It was a database-driven online shop in the design of the wholesaler. here
  the boutiques were able to sell the items once they were discontinued  Buy at the purchase price and at the same time integrate the online shop into your own website to buy your own  To offer end customers at the selling price.

2010 -  2011
As a privateer around the world on a cruise ship

2007 -  2010
Selling my shares to a media company and then working as an external consultant for the new owner.

a: pri
  = Product development of a vertical louvre system that can be printed with variable advertising messages or individual motifs.

a: pri
  = The online editing tool for the production of customer / employee magazines and sales / training documents.

a: pri
  = The online production tool for the production of direct mailings, personalized web offers, etc.

a: pri
  = The online software tool for ordering and producing printed matter for group companies.

a: print
  = The online software tool for calculation, ordering and production of all types of printed matter for end users.

Diamond Award Winner, Antwerp.

Diamond Award Winner, IPEX, Birmingham.

aprico Oscar: Printing on Demand Leadership Award 1994

Awarded the Printing on Demand Leadership Award in New York
At the world's first online digiprint center
  was it the  Forerunner of all online print systems, such as those from Vistaprint, Flyeralarm or the photo book production from CeWeColor and others.
Various other print product developments and inventions followed in the next few years and were recognized accordingly
  (Perhaps you have, for example, held a used car brochure or a body-sized, personalized HSV player poster in your hands?)

World premiere of the first online digiprint center
  with calculation and production tools for printed matter.

1994  -  2010
Founder and CEO of the digital printing service provider a: prico AG, Hamburg, with Dr. Klaus von Dohnanyi as chairman of the supervisory board.

1981  -  2000
Takeover of a
  conventional printing company as the owner, which was integrated into a: prico AG in 2000.

1979  -  1994
  and managing partner of a prepress service provider with the corporate divisions design, typesetting, repro and printing plate production.

1972  -  1979
Advertising and content design as well as the purchase of all kinds of printed matter for the insurance industry - most recently as head of the news and word processing department, later as an external consultant.

1969  -  1972
Distance learning graphic design at the Famous Artists School, Amsterdam and
Typesetter training at Offizin Paul Hartung, Hamburg.

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